CPX Conference

What’s at the CPX Conference?

Software x Hardware: Technology Innovation and Transformation

The CPX Conference uses a series of lectures and seminars to offer briefings on the hottest tech like Big Data, Internet of Things, Technology Disruption and Cloud Applications. It offers in-depth analysis and interaction with experts linked to the world’s coolest software, hardware and internet industry leaders!

It’s a must-go for ICT strategists and tacticians!

Big Data Forum  June 3  8:50-13:00

Everybody’s talking, planning or doing “Big Data” - the latest ICT buzz word… But just what is Big Data and how can it work for you? This FORUM delves into its advantages, challenges and prospects. Top leaders in the field join to share their insight on big data infrastructure, cyber security management, datability, open data and applications. 


Technology Disruption Forum  June 3  14:00-17:30  

What does it take to build a top game-changing enterprise? Find out at the Technology Disruption Forum as you hear founders/co-founders from frontier companies who profile their successes and challenges. Learn how they spotted the market and tracked the funding to make it click. This is the moment to explore potential marketing channels; to get briefed on global and regional standards and to connect professionals across the industry. 

Summit Forum  June 4  8:50-13:00          

Gartner, Inc. describes the ongoing convergence of social interaction, mobility, cloud, and information as a dynamic nexus of forces that is now shaping change and opportunities in the ICT sector. This was clearly evident at CES, MWC and CeBIT earlier this year, with all in the tech industry focused on building key competencies and strategic positions within this nexus.

This forum will address prescient issues related to integrated cloud computing applications, new intelligent-technology opportunities for business, and the continued integration of intelligent technologies into daily life.

IoT Forum  June 4  14:00-17:30      

This Forum explores the coming lifestyle revolution being ushered in by IoT! Get ready to see Internet of Things (IoT) change everything in the way we drive, shop, watch TV and view the world. 

IDC reports IoT related revenue will expand from $4.8 trillion in 2012 to $7.3 trillion by 2017. IoT is driving small to large scale smart solutions that are shaping networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before.  

This new IoT renaissance beckons a giant leap forward that joins connected technology with unified interface design. Open your eyes with the latest IoT breakthroughs!  

Contact Person: Grace Pai (pai@taitra.org.tw)


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Event Map

Taipei International Convention Center

No. 1, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

Event Tickets

Ticket Type Sale Period Price
Big Data Forum

2014/04/12 00:00(+0800) ~ 2014/06/03 19:20(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
Big Data Forum VIP Ticket

2014/04/12 00:00(+0800) ~ 2014/05/30 18:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
Technology Disruption Forum

2014/04/17 09:00(+0800) ~ 2014/06/03 20:30(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
Technology Disruption Forum VIP Ticket

2014/04/17 09:00(+0800) ~ 2014/05/30 18:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
IoT Forum

2014/04/17 09:00(+0800) ~ 2014/06/04 17:30(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
IoT Forum VIP Ticket

2014/04/17 09:00(+0800) ~ 2014/05/30 18:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free